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CN 1981 MT19 for Sale

For Sale

CN 1981 MT19 fibreglass body. New rear axle and double roller chain Wheels have 1 trip to Alaska and 1 trip to Farmrail in Oklahoma. Custom aluminum luggage rack and tool boxes in front and back. This car is set up for long-distance trips with a new 6-gallon fuel tank and metal guard. Remote grease setup. Electric turntable with buzzer and lights installed. Sliding side and rear windows on passenger and driver's side for easy display of the flag. NARCOA compliant. All electronic circuit breakers, no glass fuses. CCKB engine with muffler and spark arrestor. Electric fuel pump and filters installed. All lights are LED for reduced load. Custom canvas storage cover, the car is stored in the garage.  This car does not have a radio, but I have extra portables.  I have trailers available at very reasonable prices. Have many spare parts to go along with this car. 

$ 4500.00 Joe Schnyder 623-332-0238

Posted on: January 19, 2024

Fairmont M19 flattop with OD-B engine

For Sale


Fairmont M19 flattop with OD-B engine. Completely disassembled, sandblasted and powder coated, and… that’s as far as I got. Parts that weren’t powder coated have been cleaned.  I also purchased new brake shoes, had new bearings installed in the axle boxes and the shaft bearing box. It’s almost all there, except carb, coil, fuel tank, belt, forcing cones and all the wood. There may be other parts missing, but I thought it was all there when I acquired in all its rusted glory years ago in a dreamy state. I also have a manual, a couple of new metal plates for the deck, and some new heavy gauge aluminum for the footwells and the deck. The wheels appear to still be within limits. There may be other new parts.  

Call: Dennis (916) 217-5928

No delivery. Pick up in Salem, Oregon. Bring a trailer or truck. Best offer over $1,000.00 

Posted on: October 10, 2023

Fairmont Model M9 Railway Track Motor Car

For Sale

The Langley Heritage Society located in Fort Langley, BC (Canada) has a Fairmont, Model M9 railway track motor car in good working order for sale.  We have a small speeder shed and our velocipede is sitting in front of the speeder.

Regrettably, we have little track on our site to operate the car and are seeking a better home where it can run free. We are asking $5,000 Canadian dollar. 


If you or your colleagues are interested, please contact: 

Helen Williams, Station Manager | C: 604 866 1925

Canadian Northern Railway ‘Langley Station’


Thank you. 

Posted on: March 6, 2023

Speeder for Sale

For Sale

1970 Rail Rod 2 made by Rails Company in Maplewood NJ.  Purchased by the Coal Power Plant in Kansas City in 1970.   Used to inspect rail siding until about 1992.  It then sat in the power plant unused until about 2012 when a local individual acquired it. He never restored it and I bought it from him in pieces in 2022.   I rebuilt most of it over this past winter.  All is original except I updated the seats with steel pans, and added some BNSF decals.  I have the original seats as well.  This is an all aluminum frame that came primed with Green Zinc Chromate Primer.   When I wet sanded, I did not remove the Green Zinc primer.  This is what they use on aircraft.  Front hubs have grease fittings, rear are pressed in bearings.  Inspected and cleaned the torque converter assembly and jack shaft components.  Installed a newer belt and replaced both drive chains.  Motor serial number is showing 1987 for the model year, so it appears the motor has been replaced.  This is the identical motor type Briggs and Stratton 3.5 H.P. that came on these units.  I did find a gas tank and replaced it with the same vintage as the old one had some rust.  Motor was cleaned up, particularly the magneto area and new plug.  Compression is very good and runs great.  New throttle cable/housing, new brake cable/housing and brake drum band.  I would replace the drum brake with a disc and this design could be better.  However, at this point I wanted to leave it all original.  Original throttle twist and hand brake lever with locking brake are all in great shape.  Original serial number and manufacturing plates are still attached.  Center Black spike pivots down so car can be easily rotated directions on the track.  

Located in Omaha, Nebraska. $3850/Offer


Contact me for any questions.  Email:


Thanks,  Craig Johansen

Posted on: March 6, 2023